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SHAPE2DAY Language Centre.
With this in mind and in accordance with its mission, the SHAPE Language Centre offers the entire international community a wide range of language programs. Classes in English, French and a variety of other languages such as German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, etc at various levels upon teachers availability. Preparation for Cambridge examinations, our teachers are qualified native speakers. We have small international study groups between 7 and 14 students. If you are interested in getting to know other people's' language and culture or if your job requires a better knowledge of NATO official languages, come and join one of our classes! Open Door Fundraising Sale in Mons. Chievres Halloween Spooktacular - 28 Oct. Newcomers Briefing - 29 September. SHAPE Players: Love, Loss, and What I Wore - Save the dates. Search our content.: Find us on. NATO Headquarters Brussels NATO HQ.
Huis van het Nederlands Brussel Nederlands leren oefenen.
Via Patati, you can meet people in Brussels with the same interests but a different mother tongue. Get to know each other on our website and exchange Dutch with another language - where, when and with who you want. Become a Patati. Come to a Babbelut conversation table! Every week, the Dutch Language House organises free conversation tables at 7 locations in Brussels and online. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Dutch can take part. Other options for learning Dutch. Dutch for under-16s. From the age of 16 you can sign up for a Dutch course. For those under the age of 16 we have these tips. Nederlands voor -16. French-speaking adult education. The Dutch Language House has information on all Dutch courses in Dutch-speaking adult education in Brussels. Do you prefer a course organised by French-speaking adult education? Visit the website of Prosocbru. Do you prefer to attend a private language school? We compiled a list of schools for you. Take a look at our pocket dictionaries! The Dutch Language House Brussels has developed several pocket dictionaries. This way, you can learn to speak and write Dutch even more easily.
Language courses - Région bruxelloise - Brussels Gewest.
An introduction to secondary and further education. Homework and study help. Central examining board. Scholarships and study grants. Find student accommodation. Studying in Brussels as a foreign student. Equivalence of diplomas. Learn French, Dutch, English or any other language in the Brussels-Capital Region.
Private French tuitions in Belgium My Sherpa.
Students at the university or high school, irrespective of their study discipline, must make French their strong asset to get into the job market. They can count on the support of our teachers, both in the form of teaching methods and learning material, if necessary. Adults, francophone or immigrants, we support everyone in learning French. Whether it is for personal reason or professional, our courses will help you discover French as a foreign language FLE or enhance your knowledge and skills in this language.
ISB Language Learning International School of Brussels.
Students taking Dutch in the Middle School may also take French. In the High School, Dutch is offered as a native language and a foreign language in Grade 10. In the IB Diploma Programme, we offer Dutch A Language and Literature native level and Dutch B non-native level. The Dutch Programme is affiliated with the foundation of Dutch Education Abroad Stichting NOB. Spanish as a second language may be taken as an elective in the Middle School, eventually leading to Spanish B in the IB Diploma Programme in High School. Japanese is taught to native speakers in the High School - in Grades 10 and as part of the IBDP in Grades 11 and 12 - either as a class or through our IB Tutored Language Programme for native speakers. Home Language Programme. In addition to the above languages, ISB is offering an expanded range of languages as part of our home language programme after school. The home language programme is designed to support students in maintaining the language and culture of their home country. Each year the languages on offer change based on the demand and possibilities. School of Brussels.
Kids - Language workshops for children - Expats in Brussels, settling and living in Brussels.
Facebook Expats in Brussels. Makes you immediately feel at home. Language workshops for children. Most of the schools organise courses or workshops tailor-made for children. The objective of these workshops is to teach languages to children through play and fun: with the little ones they sing, they do crafts and they cook, and with the older ones, they use more 'modern' teaching methods such as computers, videos, slides and so on The best way for children to learn a foreign language! Kiddy Junior Classes. Boulevard Clovis, 83 - 1000 Bruxelles. 02 218 39 20. Fax 02 217 64 51. Candy Schools Mme Castille. Rue de lÉcole, 28 - 1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse. 02 344 61 04. Kids Computer Club. Avenue René Gobert, 31 - 1180 Uccle. 02 374 27 08. Fax 02 374 75 87. The British School.
DAILY INTENSIVE FRENCH GROUPS: Next Starts: Aug 29th, Sep 12th., Sep 26th, Oct 10th, Oct 24th, Nov 7th., Nov 24th 2022 continues in 2023. TWICE WEEKLY MIDDAY GROUPS.: Next Starts: Sep 12th 13th. TWICE WEEKLY EVENING GROUPS.: Next Starts: Sep 12th 13th. Paid Educational Leave CEP. INTENSIVES MIDDAYS EVENINGS. NED ENG DEU ITA ESP. Meilleurs Prix Voir les dates et les tarifs pour les groupes de franais Travailler chez Amira Comment rejoindre notre quipe hautement professionnelle? Cours Actiris Amira est partenaire d'Actiris' Contactez-nous 32 0 2 640 68 50. Cours en Fra, Ned, Eng, Deu, Esp et Ita. Cours Amira en petits groupes 3 8 tudiants. Groupes intra-entreprise 3 apprenants. Leons prives 1 ou 2 tudiants. Immersions dans la langue des affaires 1 ou 2 tudiants. Ateliers de langues. Cours Actiris: Ned Fra Eng. Ecrire: Par e-mail. Tl: 02 640 6850 pour parler avec les conseillers pdagogiques d'Amira' Horaires: lun-ven 9h-18h. Brugmann 32, 1060 Bruxelles. Transports: Ma Campagne Georges-Brugmann Moris Berkendael. Membre: EFQM - Fondation européenne. pour la gestion de la qualité. Copyright: Amira Language School, Brussels Web Database Design: ChromoSoft Photos of Students
Language schools in Belgium: French, Dutch, or German Expatica.
But there are also many private language schools and tutors not only in major centers such as Brussels and Antwerp but in smaller towns and cities too.You can also see if Belgian universities offer any language courses or check Expaticas listings of language schools in Belgium. The best way to learn French, Dutch, or German depends on your preferred method of learning - written theory, conversational language, home-based computer training or one-on-one intensive lessons - so look into which teaching style suits you before choosing a language course. Here is a list of main language schools in Belgium, plus language courses in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège, and Mons, as well as a list of online language courses to learn French, Dutch, and German. LanguaTalk is an innovative online language-learning platform that brings teachers virtually into your living room. Their platform will get you speaking like a local before you know it. Whichever language you're' learning, simply choose the best time and ability level for you and join one of LanguaTalk's' one-to-one classes from the comfort of your home. Learn a language. National language schools in Belgium. Based in Brussels, Alliance Française has been teaching French to students since 1945.
Learn French in Belgium.
These language schools offering French classes in Belgium are highly recommended.: Amira Language School, Brussels. AAA Europa Language School ASBL, Brussels. Alliance Francaise De Bruxelles-Europe, Brussels. Centre d'Etude' du Français, Brussels. English Academy, Brussels. Franco'feel, French Courses, Brussels. Thema Language School, Brussels.
The Finest Language Schools in Brussels to Learn French - All Luxury Apartments.
The school is so effective at teaching French, both with their traditional approaches and modern methods, that there's' practically no need for another French language school to open up in the Belgian capital. And after all, an Alliance Française certificate is practically the most prestigious of its kind out there! Brussels is one of the most beautiful and most important French-speaking cities in the world. It'd' do you some good to learn French here. And with the amazing schools in the city, why not? You just might end up being so good at it after the end of your course! Like other major cities of its kind, Brussels also boasts of luxury apartments. They're' some fo the best accommodations you'll' find in the city! BRUSSELS PROPERTY LISTING. Avenue Louise 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms luxury. 280 € night. Louise Stephanie 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Luxury. 350 € night. Avenue Louise 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms luxury. 230 € night. Avenue Louise Luxury 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. 220 € night. Unit 9 - Vibrant Room near Avenue Louise Best.

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